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Why does my Google Workspace think my Galaxy Tab A6 has had a custom ROM?

(Topic created on: 02-09-2022 10:00 AM)
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I have a vintage 2016 Galaxy Tab A6 (#SM-T585) which I am restoring as an office-based security device (having spent at least a week trying to sort out the mess of losing my main phone with all its authenticator and 2FAs on it!

I can't remember if I had an aborted attempt to install a custom ROM long ago, but as the Workspace refused to get past the "cannot set up a work profile" error message because it has (or had) one, I decided to follow the Odin process and reflash it with the factory ROM, closing the "double-lock" of the bootloader behind me.

When I boot it into download mode I don't see the "relock bootloader" third option (volume down for up to 7 min??) which I have seen on t'internet, just a "halt, don't do it" message with options to continue (volume up) or cancel (volume down).

I must have a work profile on it to be cyber security compliant, anyone got any ideas what clues I may have left behind that I need to remove?

(nb. I have the Android device settings in Google configured correctly, so it should accept the device, even if it is jailbroken, as long as the bootloader isn't open any more!) Thanks, folks.