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Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Bluetooth transmission issue after recent update

(Topic created on: 09-11-2023 03:31 PM)
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My company is using several Galaxy Tab A7 Lite tables in conjunction with a scanner system which feed data into a Google Sheet.  We scan custom QR codes and bar codes to identify rack ID numbers and information for shipping.

Up until the most recent update from Galaxy, everything worked perfectly.

Since the update on November 7, the scanners are now malfunctioning significantly.  The first characters of the bar codes or QR codes are missing, the data is missing random characters within the scans as well, and the special characters are not reading properly to move the cursor within the Google Sheet.

We have 22 tablets across the company, and the only ones that still work are the ones that have not yet installed the update.  It is literally the only difference between the scanner units and the tables.  Nothing else has changed.  I am the project manager and I am the only one who runs the project so I know that there were no other changes made to any of the hardware in the system.  The software that we use to generate the QR codes hasn't changed either, and like I said, the only difference between the tablets that do work and the tablets that don't work, are the ones that don't work received the update.

We have rebooted the tablets, we have turned off the Bluetooth and reconnected the scanners, changed the transmission speeds both faster and slower with the same results, and tested the same scanners on systems that are not tablets which will work perfectly when not connected to the updated tablets.

All signs point to something in the new update that is somehow affecting the transmission of data via Bluetooth from the scanner to the tablet.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue, and have they fixed it.  We are currently looking into rolling back the update to the previous software version (which we can identify because we have tablets that work that we can get that information) but if there is something that Samsung or someone else can help with that would fix the transmission it would be helpful.