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why no Dolby Atmos on samsung Netflix App???

good friend watch this video but first you just have to connect the hdmi cable on the soundbar hdmi 1 and hdmi to xbox the other hdmi cable on the soundbar arc and tv arc then on the video i sent you have to make these settings on xbox to have dolby atmos, any doubt disposes thank you friend hug.

I have an QE6590R and today I bought an HW-Q70R sound bar.

After several tests, I noticed that although Netflix now show the Atmos logo on selected series, the sound bar did not show Dolby Atmos as it should ( as stated on the user manual).

Dolby Digital + was selected and all was configured correct.


I downloaded some Dolby Atmos Demos, stored them on a USB stick, pluged it on one of the TV usb port and.. VOILA... the sound bar show the Dolby Atmos label.


So.. why the hell no dolby atmos from Netflix? I Have the lastest version of Netflix App (9.0.0), latest Tv firmware.. the dolby atmos logo on netlix screen..


One the post above gave my a fatal clue!!! I tried all again. Select Lost in Space, played it and.. no dolby atmos. Paused, went to select audio AND.. yes. there was English (V.O. Atmos). Selecttd it. And now, YES, the sound bar DOES SHOW DOLBY ATMOS!!




But not so fast, my friend. I don't speak english. I'm from Spain and the only audio with Dolby Atmos is V.O. English. No Spanih, no french, no German. Only english...


This is not Samsung fault. It's Neflix!!!


(excuse my poor english!!!!)

Yes some shows have the Dolby atmos but for specific languages. I was watching DARK, amazing show on Netflix, the show has the atmos logo, but when I’m streaming it doesn’t show atmos on the soundbar. When I checked the audio options it appears it has atmos only in german. For w flush it’s only Dolby 5.1.
So basically not every show or movie that display the atmos logo will give you atmos sound. It depends if the atmos is available for the language you have selected. The soundbar will detect atmos without any problem, just remember that it’s not true he atmos. It’s a compressed version that is still very good and better than Dolby 5.1 but not as good as real uncompressed atmos which the soundbar can not give because it requires an HDMI 2.1 port.
Has anyone tested the new Disney + app with the soundbar? Most importantly with the soundbar and a Samsung tv. I would like to hear some of your experiences with the app and sound quality and also video quality.

To clarify this again. True Atmos doesn't need HDMI 2.1. It needs eARC what will, so god and the samsung engineers want, come to the Q Series Products in the next few weeks.


If Atmos is present for a language is also not entire in the might of Netflix. For their own productions sure, but what they just "resell" they can only offer what exists. It's also not new that movies have higher quality sound in the language they were originally produced. Dark for example is originally a german show.


Hey!! I found some Atmos series in spanish on Netfix!! yujuuuuuuuuuu


And for clarity. I'm new on this ARC and eARC


It's clear that for a full Dolby Atmos we need eARC... But is this really true?.


Let's take my situation.  I have an qled Q90R and the HW-Q70R sound bar. The TV is conected from HDMI 3 (ARC) on Tv to the ARC hdmi on the bar.


I only can set Dolby Digital + as Tv sound output and the bar will get the downgraded Dolby Atmos. Fine.


But if I connect a UHD bluray (Or XBOX or PS) to de HDMI port 1 on the sound bar.. Will not reproduce the sound bar the full Dolby Atmos HD and DTS HD? The image will travel to the TV via de ARC HDMI.


So, I think that eARC is mandatory only to pass real lossless Dolby Atmos form the TV to the sound bar.

But Neflix and other streamers only have ( as today) Dolby Digital + so no eARC needed for the moment.


The only problem I see is that this way you can't use the TV as a HUB. Mine have 4 HDMI . The sound Bar have 2 , one ARC for TV and one for a external devive. I only have one Bluray, so I don't need more. But people with a PS or XBOX and another device will have to change de device conected to de HDMI port 1 if they want true Dolby Atmos. 



You are correct with what you say but it's way more convenient to hook everything up to the TV and controll everything from the TV remote. Also you can't select the HDMI port you want use at the Soundbar directly with the TV remote. You always need the Soundbar remote. On top of that, the Soundbar is very stubborn with letting you choose HDMI ports. Often it won't allow me to choose the port where my Nvidia Shield is connected because the shield is in standby. So I need even three remotes. The shields one to wake it from standby. The soundbar one to choose it's hdmi port and the TV one to control everything else. So your setup might be okay if you have only one device hooked up but a lot of people, including me, do have more complex setups.

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@_oSo_ wrote:
Has anyone tested the new Disney + app with the soundbar? Most importantly with the soundbar and a Samsung tv. I would like to hear some of your experiences with the app and sound quality and also video quality.

Sorry to hijack the thread but just wanted to answer this post.  The answer is "No".  We have the same issue with Disney Plus.  There is no ATMOS sound from the Samsung Disney Plus app.  Its even worse...there is no basic 5.1 either. All we get is stereo for their Disney Plus app.  I have a 2018 QN75Q65FN and an Onkyo 7.2 receiver (capable of decoding everything) connected via ARC.  Netflix pushes regular 5.1 (not Atmos), but when switching to Disney Plus, the same setup only detects stereo over Dolby Digital+. 


This is a mess!  My guess is that they simply do not want to pay Dolby or DTS for thier codec royalties.  This is a very bad business decision Samsung has made. People equate the Samsung brand with a premium home theater experience...which means an expectation of theater quality sound. 


Sorry but No DTS, No Atmos, No 5.1 = No more Samsung TVs! 


I get Dolby Atmos from Netflix app on my Q90R via ARC to my HW-70QR


Yes this years models apparently have it after software update. Us poor fools who spent £0000s last year haven't 

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