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Smart TV not connecting to internet


Same problem here about 5 months in on a new 58 inch. Connects to router but fails to connect to internet. Was playing around with my BT home hub settings then it suddenly connected again but the next day its gone again so think that was just luck initially. Will be using the Richer Sounds warranty for repair or replacement. Note I have 2 Samsung smart tv's and only this latest one is affected. 


Update on a quick fix.. if you go onto your router (I have BT Hub), settings, refresh wireless channel, smart wireless and hit refresh. Wait a min or 2 and try the TV again it miraculously connects!


This router refresh re-connects on another channel so poss it's something to do with channel interference. Still clearly an underlying fault with the TV but this should work as a quick fix for anyone having the same issue. 


I'm going to recheck the channels it's trying to hit when it next fails. I have a feeling it's randomly connecting to the 5GHz channel on the router instead of 2.4GHz which the TV is set to use. 



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I’m having the same problem
Hi mate, i tried absolutely everything and in the very end after hours upon hours on the phone to Samsung they finally sent out an engineer, he changed the motherboard and the tv now connects to the internet wirelessly again.

The motherboard is soo small on these big tvs that they just burn out.

And i have noticed that even when your tv is in standby mode, the internet is still running.

My kids watch YouTube before school and when i turn the tv off, and turn it back on hours later. YouTube is still continuously playing 24.7 a day.

Its wrong, my assumption could be your motherboard is burnt out exactly how mine was.

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I was unable to connect to the internet on my series 6 50" curved TV. I read all the comments and considered following each one. Then I remembered that I had updated the software on the TV and shortly afterwards the TV could no longer reconnected. I disconnected the power source for 5 minutes and then rebooted. The broadband options came up and I reconnected. It worked. 


After hours of trying to make the Samsung smart tv work with the AT&T modem/router along with my own router and trying various tricks, such as changing the DNS to, I found one solution that worked for me. Disabling packet filtering on my AT&T modem/router and restarting modem and my router fixed the issue

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I gave up they should call as junk recall ks8500 2 days working 3 not, crazy I never experience something so stupid, it's a machine and I have that problem since first week 

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I've the same issues.. feeling useless and frustrated.. even the Samsung helpline is absolute *****
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I have UN55MU7000 that would shut off randomly for about a month ,but just recently has stopped,now today my wifi will not connect I've rest the modem 3x and still no change in condition,please advise.

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THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR TOO LONG!!!!!!!! Fix your kit Samsung. Q765 2019 Model. Wired internet fails intermittantly on "Smart Hub" (whch becomes a STUPID Hub) and cannot be recovered without a FULL #@^&%T@#^&@ RESET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIX IT.

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