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Q7FN HDMI resolution indicator not updating




When using HDMI inputs (ex. PC), when you press the OK button, on the top right part of the screen, it shows the resolution that you are currently using.


I have noticed that when I change resolutions, ex. going from 1080p 120Hz to 4k 60Hz, or whatever small change you might do, the indication does not change. So, I might be running my PC on 4k 60Hz and the indication still shows 1080p 60 Hz from the previous setting that I had when I first turned on the TV. And the only way to see the current resolution is to actually turn off the TV and turn it back on again.


I confirm that the same problem existed with the Q7 2017 model because I actually had one a while ago.


Is there a workaround or a fix? I am using latest firmware 1202.




Hi @caboomgr,

Try to activate HDMI UHD Color, you can find the option on Menu => Settings General => HDMI UHD Color =>External Device Manager


Please read the original post more carefully since your reply has nothing to do with the problem.


(UHD color is already enabled) 




This is just a follow up, noting that the problem remains even with the latest firmware 1202. (I have also edited my original post for firmware change).



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I can confirm same issue with my Q7FN (Model: QE55Q7FNAT).

Also running also latest FW 1202.3.


Same issue on my Q6F anyone been able to fix this??


Problem remains the same with latest firmware version: 1251

Just wanted to add that on my end none of the little informative tags work, like HDR/Freesync/24p mode. Pretty annoying, messes with my OCD hard...

Same problem here with a Q7. This is really annoying as when using a PC, its important to be able to check that the TV has definitely switched to the right display mode. So often, games or media players fail to do this and being able to see at a glance if it has or not is very useful.


I can't even get the info panel to update by turning the TV on/off.

It's very disheartening to hear this bug existed in the previous year's models as well, please fix this Samsung!


I've bought the Q7FN this week and I have the same problem as everybody, the TV won't display the information correctly.

I have a PC and a PS4 Pro connected to my TV, sometimes the information will be correct, but saddly most of the time they won't be.

Sometimes the source "PC" or "Playstation 4" won't be displayed, sometimes the resolution will be wrong with 1920x1080 instead of 3840x2160, sometines it will say that HDR is activated when it is not or vice versa, sometimes no information at all.

Here is an screenshot of my PS4 running at 4K (3840x2160) and in HDR, obviously there is something wrong with the displayed information:




I tried to switch the HDMI ports, turn the TV on and off, completly unplug the One Connect Box, reset the TV but nothing fixed the problem.


I really hope that Samsung will come with a solution, I payed a lot of money for what should be a high end TV set and I'm quite dispointed that a basic feature can't work properly.

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