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Q7FN HDMI resolution indicator not updating




When using HDMI inputs (ex. PC), when you press the OK button, on the top right part of the screen, it shows the resolution that you are currently using.


I have noticed that when I change resolutions, ex. going from 1080p 120Hz to 4k 60Hz, or whatever small change you might do, the indication does not change. So, I might be running my PC on 4k 60Hz and the indication still shows 1080p 60 Hz from the previous setting that I had when I first turned on the TV. And the only way to see the current resolution is to actually turn off the TV and turn it back on again.


I confirm that the same problem existed with the Q7 2017 model because I actually had one a while ago.


Is there a workaround or a fix? I am using latest firmware 1202.




i just purchased the qr60 and I have this problem!! I'm really upset.  this is my first 4k tv, coming from a sharp 1080p display.  I have PC plugged in as well. also my auto motion plus is greyed out and I cant change it. any ideas?

Thanks, this worked excellent for me.

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