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Problem with turning ON the TV with Alexa / Smarthings / SmartView

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Hello all.


So, I have a 55inch Samsung TV (UE55KU6400SXXH) which I just paired with an Echo Dot via Smarthings.


The only thing I can do with Alexa however is just to turn OFF the TV. When I ask to turn it on, it says that the TV is not responding and I should check if it is connected to the power supply and the network. The TV is connected to the internet with an Ethernet cable and I also tried with WiFi but without any success either.


At the same time, I CANNOT turn on the TV using either Smarthings or Smarthings Classic Apps with my iPhone 8.

However, I can turn it ON, remotely using Samsung SMART VIEW APP (ver., when I click on the TV.


So, since my TV can turn on remotely using the smart view app then why it cannot turn on using any other of Samsung's APPs or Alexa.


Any ideas?


Thank you for your time!




p.s. It appears that Alexa cannot do many things with this model, other than OFF/ON*. Is that the case? i.e. Change inputs, volume adjustments etc

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I have the same issue so why is Samsung not responding to these questions ? 

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