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I'm hearing Netflix's intro sound while playing games



it's been a week or so since my Samsung UE55NU7100 has started giving me the creeps.


Basically while I play with my PS4, I randomly hear the Netflix intro sound come out of the soundbar, at an unusually high volume. It happened a few times while playing games and one other time while watching TV through my decoder, so it happened on two different HDMI inputs. 


The soundbar is an LG and it's connected directly to the TV via optic cable.


I do have the Netflix app installed and set up on my Samsung TV, but I don't see why I'm hearing this. It's really annoying and creepy as hell.


Did anybody ever experience this?


Thanks a lot in advance.

CarlH Moderator

Hi @plasmax. Have you tested your TV without the Soundbar connected?

Hi Carl thanks a lot for your reply!

I have not, as that would mean being several days with crappy audio since the issue happens sporadically.

I'm just trying to figure out how the soundbar could cause anything like this?

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I'm having the same issue with the netflix intro sound loud when watching tv and playing ps4, I have no sound bar and it's started happening after the last update any ideas it's random and weird 


Glad I'm not the only one! Although I have to say that it hasn't been happening for a while now, I have no idea what's changed :/

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It was after the last update beginning of January I think? As it never made that sound last year at all I have the model MU6400 65ins any ideas mods ?
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This has happened to me a few times too. I use the Netflix app on the TV but also use the TV as a second monitor for my Mac and it is while being used this way I hear the ghost Netflix intro. Scares the bejeezus out of me since the audio is hooked up to the hifi.

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Glad I'm not the only one. People thought I was going mad. Happens for me when watching YouTube, NowTV and using the PS4.

Is there any fix for it yet?

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Just wanted to bump this as I found it while searching a similar issue. However, I have a Sony Bravia Android TV, Vizio sound bar, and the only two consoles I've hooked up since I moved are my Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. So I'm concluding from our completely different setups, that the Netflix app is the culprit. I hear it randomly when everything is in sleep mode more often than when I'm actually using any of my devices, so it startles the hell out of my lol

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Same issue. When I’ve got my 2018 Samsung tv on watching anything but Netflix (so Apple TV for instance, or playing xbox) the Netflix intro noise plays loudly over the top of all other sounds 

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