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How to delete default apps on Smart tv

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Can i delete default apps no smart tv. it show need of an update, but not enough memory, i have only few apps instaled my self with small memry space. rest is due




If i was you, i would get a cup of tea, settle back and read this thread!


Enjoy !

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I have the same problem and am down to 1 per cent. The reason is they have recently added a load of bloatware apps 18 months after I bought the set, nearly fillign the RAM (I have added a small number of apps). I find this shocking. They include Britbox, which I have no use for, and Xite, which I have never heard of and don't want. 

I only know that my next TV will not be a Samsung unless they let me delete this bloatware.


All models have this fault.. I went from 0mb to 450 by getting a new mobo installed by tech...


No reset format blah blah blah will fix it... New MOBO, start again... No other way around it


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