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All4 app not working

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All4 app has recently updated. I’m able to log in and select viewing but nothing will play. It remains at the loading screen. 

Ive tried following advice for similar issues from 2017 which were posted here but nothing works. Only way to stop the continuing attempt to load is to exit the app. 

All4 app works on other devices at home. 

Tv is UE40ES6300

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Boxsetfan.


Could we recap on the troubleshooting you've tried so far?


Have you tried a Smart Hub reset?


Is the software on your TV up to date and which version do you currently have? Go to Menu > Support > Contact Samsung.

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Hi , I have tried reinstalling the app itself and it finishes with message “reinstall complete”. 

Siftware is T-MST10PDEUC-2007.0 and I’ve checked an update and it says no updates available. 




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I am having exactly the same problem and have tried resetting app and reinstalling to no avail. I left it overnight in the hope it would be working today but is still won't load/stream any programme.

I have a UE40ES5500 model smart tv

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My software version : T-MST10PDEU-2007.0
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I had exactly the same problem - sent an email to Channel 4 and Samsung but received no response so on Thursday I wasted almost an hour of my life on the phone to Samsung support who were very helpful but didn't solve the problem. I then phoned Channel 4 helpline to be told that there is a problem with the All4 app and Samsung TVs that they are trying very hard to resolve - they say that normally these issues are easily resolved but this time the problem is proving tricky to solve. I asked why they didn't put on their website or let Samsung know that there was a problem and she said they would investigate why that hadn't been done!!!!! She said they had no idea when it would be sorted and just to keep tryimg the app.  Rubbish service from Channel 4 as still not sorted!!

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Same old ***** from Samsung and all4, I have the problem for at least 2 Years, since I bought the set.

Think twice before buying a Samsung again.

Superuser I
Superuser I

Just to point out that the latest firmware for the  ES6300 model is now 2008    and the same  for the ES5500   -became available  October 2017.    However you may need to download to USB and update that way,worth checking the Samsung Support site to ensure you have the latest update.

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