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My Pattern Lock is not working anymore!

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I have a S8  (bought new) for long time, and today, sundely Pattern lock stop working always says "Incorrect Patter Draw". I'm pretty sure I'm doing it correctly, as it is the same I have on other device. Consider this:


  • I do have fingerprint working, wich enables me to use the phone for now
  • Can't change any security setting as it also asks for pattern unlock
  • Phone has boot protection also with pattern lock, which may lock me down if phone restarts
  • My screen has an old fissure, but not only it has been always working fine, as I can see pattern being correctly desing on screen as I try to unlock and last, using built in  option (*#0*#) or with test apps, touch screen seems to be with no flaws

    I read about similar issues on S7, people saying it did unlock after many trial or after a reboot (which I'm afraid as I also have pattern lock on boot). Why is this happening? How can I overcame it? Is Factory Reset my only option?
CarlH Moderator

Hi @PabloOS. Do you have a Samsung account synced with your phone? If so, take a look at this link which enables you to unlock your phone remotely. Let me know how you get on with this. 

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Hi Carl,


I do have account synced, but as I wrote initially, I can enter phone making using of fingerprint sensor., so I'm not blocked for the moment.


But, as soon Ill have to restart it (be that an update or a battert run out), I'l became locked, as it patten unlock  at boot is configured! :( Besisdes, daily I'll have to pickup phone to swipe finger on sendor, and not directy on display as I used to do.

And the thing is... I cant change anything, as any change on this area will require a patern unlock first!!

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