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I upgraded from BBC radio player to BBC Sounds, and now when playing that app via bluetooth,  if I disconnect then reconnect,  BBC Sounds doesn't restart but Samsung Music does, even if the music app was closed. Didn't happen on iplayer app. Galaxy S8. Any clues? BBC say it's not them...

TessM Moderator

Hey @Chrispyness ,


Do you get any error code or message when you try to launch this after disconnecting the Bluetooth device? What Bluetooth device do you have the S8 connected to and are the phone, device and the app up to date? 


Hi. No errors, just launches music app. Used on a range of bluetooth devices (car, headphones, speaker) all with same issue. All devices up to date.

CarloL Moderator
Hi @Chrispyness!

Is the BBC Sounds app fully up to date? Try also clearing the cache of the app by heading to: Settings > Apps > BBC Sounds app > Storage > Clear cache. Finally, remove it and install it again.

Hi thanks. Tried that no joy. App is up to date. Further example...I was listening to Sounds app in car via bluetooth.  I pulled over to make a call (different  'work' phone, not bluetooth) and paused listening to Sounds using the car controls. Went to set off again 5 mins later and unpaused, and Samsung music started. Manually resellected Sounds on phone. Tried pausing and unpausing again and for short pauses Sounds restarts, but at some point a longer pause results in Music app taking over. Oooo-errr. 

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