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The Introduce Yourself Thread

DannyT Moderator
Welcome, welcome, welcome to all the new users!

Glad to have you with us!


 Welcome to the Community! :smileyhappy:

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Hello all,

I m new to this, have basic knowledge of how to use my phone and tablet. I have a Galaxy note 9 and a tablet galaxy A(?). Probably totally wasted on me, I can work my way around my phone in the ways of playing simple games (I have no hand eye co-ordination) anything that needs fast moves I m hopeless lol

I m not as bad as my dad but not as clever as my daughters, in all fairness computers had not long come on the open market and computer studies was a new subject at school and was encouraged to those who had access to a computer at home and I didnt have that and technology scared me!!! my excuse and I m sticking to it ! 


I love a good book that gets you gripped that you just cant put down. I m interested in the unknown and spiritually. 


I m interested in talking to anyone who could or wants to expand my knowledge of how to get the most out of my phone. Also anyone who wants to chat about everyday happens, spirits and alike.

I am VGi and looking to buy a S10e.

Hi, can anyone answer this please.


I am on Twitter and a lady has just DM me saying my profile has been selected by Samsung computer and I’m entitled to a big prize sum!  Does Samsung actually do this or is it a scam?  Don’t know what to think as I’ve read this lady’s profile and it says she is an online clearing Agent for Samsung😮 Not sure what to believe as they want my home details!  I am somewhat sceptical😏

Can anyone enlighten me please?

Thanks. Can you please reply to my post please as I urgently need some assurance

Sounds dodgy to me! 


That’s what I thought! do you know a number for Samsung whom I could ring tomorrow?

CarlH Moderator

This would appear to be a scam, @Tricia1243. Samsung never send emails offering large sums of money. Please do not disclose any personal information to the sender and delete the email. 

Superuser I
Superuser I

Something similar happended to me a while ago also supposedly from Samsung. knew it was a scam.  @Tricia1243  Think a case of too good to be true-certainly as @CarlH  has said  do not respond. Think it was a Twitter DM , though of course you may also receive scam emails.

It's a scam.
Samsung don't do those sorts of things.
If you enter a competition through Samsung members, then maybe. That's the only way as far as I know that Samsung gives stuff away as prizes.
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