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Syncing Outlook 2010 to A40 using Smart Switch


Why is problems are like buses, don't see one for ages than a whole bunch arrive?

I've been using Smart Switch for years with Outlook 2010 worked fine. I have now got Outlook to sync with my Google calendar so I can update directly on my A40 Google calendar without going through the Smart Switch system.

On Outlook I have events going back to 2015 or earlier and although many are useless some, like hospital, holiday, and some appointments are good dates to keep a record of. On the last Smart Switch sync it only synced from Outlook from the 13th November 2019 and all events that were previously on the A40 disappeared, although they are still in Outlook.

It seems that Google calendar which had no entries prior to 13th November has become the dominating calendar but as I synced with A40 to Outlook using S/S I do not understand why anything previous was deleted. 

I had taken a Calendar back up in S/S before the above scenario so did a calendar restore thinking that the previous file would replace one with lost events, not so, it made no difference the previous events were still not shown.

I checked in the S/S back up folder and found my calendar back up folders which were shown as empty and anyway you do not get a choice of which back up file date you want to restore.

I am using CalDav syncronizer in Outlook to sync with Google.

Yet again I am hoping someone can shed some light on this and suggest a way to add the lost events to my A40.

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