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Exchange Calendar Sync Problem

(Topic created on: 30-12-2020 06:55 PM)
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I am experience issues when syncing my 1&1 Ionos Hosted Exchange Account. Its an Exchange 2019 account which I installed on the A51 phone and i am using Samsung E-Mail, Calendar and Contact App. Syncing of contacts and mails works fine both ways. The calendar works (syncing both ways) for some time and then it doesnt sync anymore at a certain point. First time it worked for two weeks then it didnt work anymore. Then i deleted the account and created it new from the app and it worked for a day and then it didnt work anymore. When it didnt work on the phone i deleted the connection in the OWA app under mobile devices and let the phone retrieve all the new information. Now it is working again and it is syncing also the calendar but i am waiting for the day when it stops syncing the calendar.


When I checked the settings through the Samsung mail app i found that the sync didnt work for two weeks.

When I checked the settings through the Android Settings i saw that everything was synced. Please find the two screenshots below. But actually it didnt sync for two weeks and i couldn't get it to sync. 

Only via resetting the mobile device entries in OWA through my browsers and then i started again to retrieve all the information from the server (but of course lost the data which were entered on the phone but didnt sync).

It is quite strange and I dont have any other solution than switching to the Outlook Mobile app what i dont want as I am used to the Samsung Apps.

Do you have any other idea why the sync is stopping to work after a certain while? I also checked the settings and permissions and the calendar app has all the permissions. Also i updated it to the latest version.


What else could be the root course? Looking forward to your help! Thanks for your efforts!



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Sorry, I have to warm up this thread.

I am having the exact same problem (Galaxy S21 and ionos exchange). I have been unsuccessfull with getting the sync back at all. I have removed the account on the phone as well as OWA. And then added it again. But now the phone connects to the exchange all fine, yet it does not sync the mails / calendar / contacts.

Strangely though, I can send email from the phone just fine.

Anyone, maybe OP, do you have any ideas?