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Galaxy A70 Screen Break

(Topic created on: 14-01-2020 05:09 PM)
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I got a Samsung A70 last July from O2 to replace my very old but very faithful HTC One. I was really delighted with my phone and have really enjoyed using it until last week.


As usual I checked my phone for notifications before leaving home for work.  My phone went off on to work and when I opened my phone to check the notification - Nothing! I had a black screen. I was recieving notifications, but I was unable to get my phone to 'open'. Having tried the usual "What to do when you get Black Screen" and having failed I walked up to the O2 shop from work.


The guys in the O2 shop informed me that my wonderful shiny phone had a crack "below the screen" in the display.


Now at this point I have to say that I have NOT dropped my phone. Ever. It was in a protective cover with flip front and is always kept in the outside pocket of my backpack handbag when I go out. 


When I pointed this out to the O2 shop they informed me that even the pressure of my phone being in my handbag was enough to cause the screen to crack!! Which IMHO is nuts.


They then told me that I would have to fork out for a repair to the tune of around £200 - but as they don't actually have a price I have to let them send it away first. Err Hell No!


I didn't drop the phone, I cannot believe that this piece of technology is so fragile that it cannot cope with being put in the outside pocket of a handbag, especially as it was in a protective cover and has been from day 1. This phone is 6 month old! 

I've never spent so much money on a phone before and I'm really disapointed and angry that something that is still basically new and under normal warranty is of such poor quality that it cannot cope with everyday life. I really feel that this phone is basically not fit for the purpose. 

Has anyone else had this problem?

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If no stress or force is applied to your phone while it's in your bag then the display imo shouldn't crack.


The issue here is you being able to prove you haven't dropped or bumped it which is going to be difficult.


You could raise a complaint to o2 to ask them for higher support as they are the seller of the phone thus they apply the warranty not Samsung which is two years however the manufacturer warranty does not cover what is considered as accidental damage.


You could speak with a Samsung Experience Store  / Samsung Service Centre who usually provide repairs in house but they would also see this as accidental damage and levy a charge.


You could also look at the advice in consumer-rights-act 2015 


Other options are 》

Standalone mobile phone insurance.

House Contents.

Some Bank Accounts provide mobile phone cover as a perk of the account.


T&S's and Excess fee's would need to be checked.


There are lots of posts and threads scattered around forums discussing phone displays that have cracked by themselves which some think it's a manufacturing defect. Proving this unfortunately is again going to be difficult unless a manufacturer recalls specifically for this reason.




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Thanks for the advice.


My experience with O2, and phone compaines in general, when it comes to handsets is that no matter how careful you are, even if you wrap your phone in bubble wrap and only comunicate with it via telepathy you will still be told "its your fault, you dropped it"


I don't have the option of taking it to a Samsung Service Centre as they don't exist in my part of the UK. So I will have no option but to either pay the extortionate repair bill that O2 will make up or I will have to take it to a high street repair centre. Either way the manufactures warranty will be toast because if anything else goes wrong I will be told that its due to the previous repair and not covered.


My concern is that my last handset was 6 years old. It had been subjected to normal everyday life and never EVER missed a beat. It showed no great signs of wear or scratches and they screen was still clear. It had even been dropped once or twice but not only did the screen not break the system still worked. I only had to change because it could no longer accept the upgrades on android.


My replacement handset is obviously made of the cheapest most delicate ***** possible as it apparently cannot withstand even being pulled in and out of a handbag everyday for 6 months even in a protective cover before breaking.


That in my opinion is a total retrograde step. I personally don't want to change my phone every year, I am not interested in the latest 'thing' every 2 minutes and therefore expect my phone to last without problems for at least as long as the manufactures warranty and that should include being able to withstand a reasonable amount of force or pressure from being mishandled.

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This is EXACTLY what happened to me except it was on the day after I purchased it!  The day after I purchased it my phone was non-functional with an endless black screen.  Imagine that.  I brought it back to the store and they said I must have dropped it which I had NOT. 

It was a fracture under the screen.  I don't even know how that is possible.  A fracture UNDER the screen? 

My only recourse was to take it to an "Authorized Samsung" repair shop and pay over $200 bucks to have a new screen installed.  I have never felt so ripped-off in my entire life.  I paid over $200 to buy the phone and the very next day I had to pay another $200.  $400 bucks!  Nine months later I did indeed drop the phone, by accident.  I mean, not into a rocky gorge.  It fell off my bed; 3 feet or less.  So, the Otterbox with all of its amour (that I forked out more than $50 bucks to have), could not protect this phone!  And, guess what?  I would have to fork out another $200. to fix it.

This is NOT a $650 dollar phone!

Curse the day I bought it.

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10 months after purchase I dropped and barely broke screen, making it unusable.


I just bought an a71 instead.  


Was not going to put half a phone worth into repair.


A71 is exactly same size as i use a70 wallet and case.


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I just got my phone at the end ofxApril and NEVER dropped it and zi have a crack that goes from mid way down left side to upper right side and from top left where it meets the other crack.  I was told by mobile dealer that I must have dropped it and that Samsung will not warranty  it because it is physical damage.   I am also very angry.  It is in the case the mobility people  sold me and had no protector  as they did not stockmitcand with Covid, nothing was open