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Smart Switch will not sync with Outlook on Win10 unless Outlook is the primary email program

(Topic created on: 11-01-2021 01:01 PM)
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Galaxy A Series

I have a new Galaxy A71. Smart switch successfully moved all data from my old Galaxy S6, which was fantastic and largely seamless. I was able to sync with Smart Switch and Outlook 2010 on my Windows 10 PC just ONCE, and now it refuses.


Apparently because Outlook is not my "primary email program"


It was happy to sync once initially - why not now?


Outlook never has been and NEVER WILL BE used for email, but it IS my principle contacts manager and diary program. I also do NOT use my smart phone for emails except for passing over e-tickets and the like.


How do I turn this stupid email check off so i can just keep my diary and contacts sync'd with my new phone?? From the perspective of sharing data between devices, this is totally and utterly superfluous.