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Bluetooth not connecting with anything on A8 since latest update

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I so glad my daughter found this as i have the same problem with my blue tooth it driving me crazy trying to get it to work does anyone know if samsung are going to do anything about it 

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Same here. Very frustrating. Please fix this!


Ok people... can I get you all to go to to your bluetooth settings, click on the 3 dots on the top right. It should then say advanced settings and contact us. Can you all click on contact us and let Samsung know that since the last update that your A8's bluetooth is not now connecting and to what and that you know it is not just your phone because of this forum.  Thank you and good luck.. hopefully the more of us that do this, perhaps Samsung will do something about it and not treat it as an individual phone issue.


I tried to do this but there is no option for "contact us". After clicking on advanced all that comes up us ringtone sync  and bluetooth control history 


Go under settings, then connections, then bluetooth. Click the 3 dots in the top right, instead of clicking advanced click on contact us. 


I'm the same, there is no option to "contact us" my advanced section is very limited 

Bluetooth history and ringtone sync 

I had another update today 12th May 2019 hoping that was Samsung fixing the problem, sadly it didn't! 





That does not come up on mine Screenshot_20190512-131928_Settings.jpgThat does not come up on mine



Ok , I tried talking to my phone provider EE. They didn't want to know. It was "pay £350 for bringing my upgrade forward or mend and lend" . Who are your providers and what do they say? At this rate I am going to have to buy a second hand older S series as this is not fit for purpose...anyone else got any ideas?

Cant do it nothing coming up
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