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Hi all,


I have a Samsung M3 Portable 500GB external disk (model: HX-M500TCB/G).


I was copying files from my Windows 10 Laptop to the external drive and suddenly the laptop shut down due to empty battery. Afterwards the external drive is not working at any PC or Laptop, only the blue led light is flashing, not detectable. When plug in the drive the sound on Windows is hearing but the only place that I find the disk is on the eject options



Some possible solutions already used:


1.  Use cmd command chkdsk

2. Use drive management (not detectable)

3. Tried other connection cables and USB ports. 


I have very sensitive and emotional content on this disk. Please help me on this.


Any suggested possible solutions are very appreciated. 

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @kyriakos_cy 


We're sad to hear you're having problems with your portable external HDD. We have a specialist team who deal with these sort of issues. They can be contacted by email at


Hope this helps.

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Hi Samsung 


My M3 PORTABLE HX-M101TCB/G apparently has a healthy disc and the sound when connected to the applemac book pro is normal as is the blue led light blinking.


I have been told that the control unit is broken which is why the apple macbook pro won't recognise the external hard drive as there isn't any communciation between them?


Can you tell me can the data on the disc be recovered as theis contains 7 years worth of work and recent course course work?


Any guidance and help really appreciated here 



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