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connect sound bar to TV and Humax

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I have a UU40KU6100 and a humax freesat box. Would like to connect to a as yet not purchased soundbar. Any advice on which soundar to purchase to enable sound when using tv and/or humax

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@theapple: The UE40KU6100 can connect to external speakers and soundbars via HDMI ARC, Optical cable and Bluetooth therefore there's not much restricting you from a connection standpoint. If you connect the freesat box to your TV then you can choose to output audio through your soundbar via Home > Settings > Sound > Select Speaker. Samsung have a great range of soundbars and subwoofers which you may wish to consider - check them out via the link below.
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Many thanks Andrew that's very helpful and concise

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I have a Samsung TV, and Humax box, and have just bought a DLB sound bar.


The Humax is connected to the TV by HDMI. I have tried using the Optical connection for the sound bar to TV but I get ‘drop-outs’ of sound when the ‘action’ is quiet - eg when someone starts to speak, you often miss the first word. On querying this with Richer Sounds, I was told to connect the DLB to TV with an HDMI - tried that, and no sound at all! (And yes I have checked the connections and the remote switched to HDMI.


Is this a problem with the TV, the Humax box (seems unlikely) or the sound bar?


Many thanks



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Sorry, misprint: that’s a DBL soundbar


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