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HW-Q70R + HW-Q70R sync issue


I've just bought the SAMSUNG QE55Q90R television + HW-Q70R sound bar and getting terrible lip sync delay on some tv channels. If i listen to the tv through its own speakers there is no problem, but once I switch on the soundbar there is a terrible lip sync issue. Does anyone know how to resolve this please?

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@DavidinScotland: Do you have the soundbar connected via HDMI ARC? If so, can you try an alternate connection method to see if you notice an improvement? Also, if you have any external cable/satellite boxes connected, please can you remove any connections to see if the issue still occurs?

It's connected via HDMI using ARC port on box.

In the TV Sound Expert settings i have the Digital audio output format set to Dobly Digital and there is a lip sync problem, but if i change the setting to PCM the lip sync disappears but i lose the better sound.

The lip sync problem only happens on some channels i.e. BBC1 so may be an issue with channels transmitted in DD and the soundbar is not handling it properly. I have read other people commenting on this and it seems to be a known problem with this and other Samsung Soundbars not handling Dolby Digital outputs well.

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Having precisely the same issues mate. Very annoying and a total lack of solution forthcoming. Samsung Live Chat suggested returning and replacing with the retailer. What? To get the same product with the same problem? Very frustrating as the products are superb

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Fully agreed with this being a massive issue which Samsung need to sort out. I bought a Q90R 55" model which came with the Q70R soundbar also.


Very impressed with the product quality when everything is working, but it seems to have a lot of bugs and issues.


HDMI ARC is not working smoothly at all for me in terms of my TV even recognising that the soundbar (which is of course also Samsung...) is a soundbar and not a Receiver? When it does connect I get poor lip sync timing through my Virgin Media box.


Needs a fix urgently!

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Yep I've got the Q90R and HW-Q70R

Brilliant TV and soundbar except the lip sync issues!

Only occurs on Dolby transmissions on the Virgin V6 box but fine on Netflix, Prime and Freesat!

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