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Adjust volume problem with soundbar

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First, sorry for my english. I have a hw-n300 soundbar and a 55nu7500 tv. Both are connected via Bluetooth. When i turn on the tv, the soundbar turn on automatically. The tv detect the soundbar, but often the volume buttons of the tv control not work. When i press up/down buttons the screen show it, but not do the action. The solution is press the play/pause button of the soundbar. Then i can use the tv control. Is this an issue or im doing something incorrect? Thanks for your help.




I suggest you start by resetting the soundbar by pressing the two buttons (+ and -) on the soundbar and pair the soundbar with your TV again.

Hope it will work correctly
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Hi. Thanks for your answer. I did that, but not work. Soundbar in now in the technical service.
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