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S8 intermittent wireless charging issues

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I have an S8 with the New Wireless charger, using the plug and cable that came with the phone.  I'm having issues with the phone charging on the pad.


Last night I placed the phone on the pad with 22% charge, it beeped, the blue light came on on the charger and the fan started.  This morning the phone was at 12%!.  Both the blue light and the fan on charger were on all night, I woke up 3 times and checked each time.


A few days ago it took over 8 hours to go from 5% to 85% and the charger kept cutting in and out throughout the night, but no beeps from the phone to identfy disconnections/reconnections.


Two nights ago it charged fine, blue light when I put the phone on the charger and green light in the morning.


I do have a leather case on the phone, but I never had this issue with my S7 edge and the older version of the charging pad.

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Hi @Fidge73,


I would always recomend removing from the case even a ultra thin case for wireless charging I have 3 chargers (wireless) a pad, stand (both samsung) and a anker pad. I have 2 cases a otterbox strada case (leather case) and a basic tpu case the leather one is a no go on all my pads as it does make the connection but very little charge the tpu case works well but makes the case and phone get hot, the best I have found is to use it without a case at all for the best result in charging.


Hey @Fidge73

We recommend you locate your nearest Service Centre by clicking here.  One of our engineers will be able to take a further look at this for you. 

If you're not close by to one of the Service Centres, then please get in touch with our Support Team by contacting: 0330 726 7864

Shame but I did a huge mistake that I bought new S8+. Got same problem that started 4 days ago. First night no charging at all (blue lights on), second night 7 hours charging just 25%, third night 85% and the phone was really hot. Wiped phone yesterday, didn't install any of app, and today I have 87% of battery... Really frustrating with my phone...
Previous problem with Bluetooth connection with the BMW still doesn't sorted, and Samsung honestly ignoring all complains regarding their mistakes and put all their problems on the other manufacturers and their incompatibilities with "newest" Samsung's progress.
I'm hardly believe that they will recommend you to charge by the wire if you have this problem with wireless charging.
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what is the point of having a wireless charger if you have to take the case off of it each time you want to charge it? It is much easier to just plug in the charging cable rather than removing the case. I think Samsung has some work to do on either the charger or phone to make the wireless system work while the phone is in its case.

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