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When finished recording a workout, Strava sync can sometimes take hours

(Topic created on: 23-05-2018 07:56 PM)

I have my Samsung health app (on the phone) set to sync with Strava. So whenever i record a workout (Cycling, running, walking etc), when the workout is completed, Samsung Health is meant to sync the data with strava.

I have a regular problem where the sync can sometimes take 12 hours approx.

This is an inconvenience because i like to finish my workout then look at the activity straight after in Strava.

I have tried these steps in order to 'force' a Strava sync but it doesn't work:
- Clearing the app's cache
- Force stopping the app and re opening
- Uninstalling the Samsung health updates and reinstalling them / re set the app back up.

I have also recently done a factory reset of the phone in order to fix another issue i was having...the issue survived that.

I am using a gear sport SM-R600NZKABTU

The phone I am using it with is a galaxy S8 plus SM-G955F.

The watch software version is:



Phone software version:

Android 8.0.0

Baseband: G955FXXU1CRD1

Gear app

Gear plugin


The gear manager, Samsung health and the watch are all up to date.

My friend has the same issue using a gear s3 with a note 7.


Currently, in order to sync straight away i am resorting to manually exporting the GPX file to the strava website.

This issue is intermittant.

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OK so i've been looking further into this and it seems the problem is more widespread than i thought.

This page on the Strava website has loads of comments from people who own different Samsung watches who are having the exact same issue as what i am reporting:

'Recording a run on Samsung Gear via Samsung Health, it takes ages to sync with Strava. Normally appears next morning!'
'For no apparent reason it has stopped sending activities... I can manual upload GPX but it doesn't contain HR data and is obviously labour intensive.'
'I have the Gear S3. And I used the watch to record my ride but it will not upload to strava is anyone having the same issue?'
' my morning rides upload immediately but my late afternoon ones sync at precisely midnight GMT.'
'sometimes it syncs as soon as I'm done with the workout, sometimes it syncs 12 hours later - does anyone know how to "force" sync them, or perhaps what conditions/events trigger the sync?'


and it goes on like that...


Thinking back, these comments are correct, the workouts only seem to upload to Strava in the morning. Once it gets to the afternoon you have to either wait till midnight (until it syncs automatically), or you have to manually upload the GPX file to the strava website.


What is interesting is that someone has linked to another app which you can download on the gear and the strava upload syncs straight away... Seems to point the finger at the Samsung health app!


Any comments from Samsung would be appreciated.


Doing a bit more research into this it seems like the issue could be caused by the Samsung Health app exceeding the Strava API rate limit, that is, the number of times Samsung health 'talks' to the Strava API in a given day.


This falls in line with the symptoms people are seeing.

For example all the reports seem to suggest strava upload fails in the afternoon but works fine in the morning. So in the afternoon enough time has passed to exceed the daily limit.

This also makes sense why the sync usually happens as soon as the new day starts:

'The long term, daily limit, it resets at midnight UTC'


Can Samsung get the developers to look into this please?


Hi @Ricky2.


Apologies for the delay. We've sent this off to our developers for them to have a look at. As soon as we receive a response, we'll be back in touch.

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I have been struggling with this same problem. I use a Samsung Gear 3 Frontier to record my rides this then syncs to Samsung Health on my phone which then syncs to Strava but the process seems to take a day. To be honest I am seriously thinking of getting a watch which works natively with Strava as I am fed up with not being able to review and share my rides on the same day. Infact the new os on my watch has made it even more complicated to record a workout on my bike so maybe the time may have come to jump ship.




Thanks for contributing to this thread.


I know it's not ideal but there are a couple a alternative methods to get the activity uploaded to Strava until Samsung sort their broken app out.


1. In Samsung health if you view the workout then scroll down to the bottom you will see export to GPX. You can then upload that file direct to the Strava website.


2. Alternatively I have switched to a paid app called 'Gear tracker' to do it for me. You basically record your workout with the app then manually upload the activity via the log section.


We shouldn't have to do this, but the Samsung Health app is broken and those 2 methods above are the most reliable alternative methods.


Currently awaiting a response from the developers on this issue.

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I've been having the same problem for months, I've contacted Samsung multiple times and keep getting told to completely reset my device, delete the cache and reinstall the app, but it didn't work and every time I did this it took a very long time and none of my settings or customisations had been saved. I suspected it was a problem with the API and pretty sure I suggested that as the cause but just kept getting told to do the same thing.


I have the same experience of afternoon rides not uploading to Strava for many hours, but for the past couple of months I've found that other workouts (yoga) no longer sync at all.  I want to record my heartrate during these sessions, see how many calories I burn and sync that (via Strava) to MyFitnessPal (syncing both Strava and S Health to MFP leads to duplication).


I've resorted now to just using my old Garmin for bike rides, which doesn't collect HR data and requires me to upload via USB but it's more reliable, and here's the kicker - the HR data on my watch is completely random anyway, often showing 'flatlines' at the same HR for hours.


For an expensive bit of kit that I'm tied into by contract for more than another year, it's really terrible.


Hi thewilk,

Thanks for your input. I have managed to get this problem passed to the developers this time so hopefully we will get somewhere with it.


You seem to be getting both the same problems which I have.

I also get the heart rate not recording during a workout with the flat lines. I have created a separate thread for that issue and would appreciate if you could add a comment to that thread as well.


That issue has already been passed to the developers as well so currently we are awaiting a reply for both problems.


Samsung need to hurry up and get these issues sorted!

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Thanks for getting some action. I'm experiencing same issue.

Any update on this mods?