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Watch floors & steps issues

(Topic created on: 20-07-2020 02:11 PM)
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New Watch owner, having moved from Fitbit. A couple of issues that at least one of which I know has been mentioned before, but I was wondering if anyone has ever heard anything useful from Samsung?


1) according to Samsung for a "floor" to count I should be moving my arms as I climb about 8ft. Not moving my arms, like carrying something, will cause the count to fail. If this is the case, how come I can run up and down my stairs waving my arms like a drowning man, jump up like Rocky when I get to the top, and record 0 floors. But drive 100 miles and I've gained 25 floors, even though my arms were not moving?


2) steps erroneously being added on that same drive. On a 400 mile drive I'm having maybe 2-4000 steps being recorded. This is crazy.


BOTH of these issues wouldn't be a problem with a "driving" option somewhere on the watch. Or, here's an out there suggestion, the watch has GPS and a barometer. Surely it can tell that my speed and climb are inconsistent with human movement and disable / discount steps and floors recorded?


As a sidenote, most domestic stairs in the UK only result in about a 7ft climb. Can't we have some way to adjust what counts as a "floor" in our locale? Right now the floor count is absolutely useless as a metric.