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Galaxy 5 Watch showing I wake up earlier than I actually do

(Topic created on: 25-04-2024 02:39 AM)
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My Galaxy 5 watch consistently shows I wake up approximately 20 minutes before I actually do. For additional context, I do not lie around in bed after I wake up. As soon as my body wakes up and my eyes open, I sit up and get out of bed. Even when I have to set my alarm because I'm waking up super early and I know for a fact there is no way I was awake 20 minutes before my alarm the watch still shows the 20 minute discrepancy. The watch is still under warranty. I've sent it in twice for repair and they say it is fine and there are no issues. Any suggestions on next steps to take?

First Poster

I have the same problem with my Galaxy watch5, has been happening for the past couple of week. Most likely stared after some recent update. Every day the watch/health app shows my wake-up time as 10-15 minutes earlier than I actually wake up. If the alarm is at 7:50, it's shows that I woke up at 7:40. If it's at 8, then it shows as 7:48. One day my alarm was at 4:55, and wake-up time showed as 4:46, but there's no way I was awake in the middle of the night before the alarm. In the sleep tracking it also shows that I'm always in light/REM sleep right before waking up, and not orange "awake". Would really like to know if anyone has a solution, or if I just need to wait for an update... Don't really fancy resetting the whole watch if the problem is in the software.