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Strange issue with mic - Buds Pro 2

(Topic created on: 18-03-2024 02:59 AM)

I purchased the buds pro 2 almost a year ago. As any owner of those, you might know that they have great sound, and also are kind of difficult to fit, you need to make "special" movements so they can sit well and not fell out.

Well, saying that, and thinking that was the only issue, I found a new and very annoying one: The microphone.

At this point Im not sure if its hardware or software related, Im using this buds with a s23 ultra, everything is up to date. Here is the issue:

-Sending whatsapp voice messages: voice sounds good and clear

-Calls: people cant hear me,they say I sound like to far away, like if I was inside some distan room, something like "muffled" (not sure how to call it)

What I have tried:

-Cleaning the buds with a toot brush and isopropyl alcohol

Result: the voice messages got a little clearer and I could even make some calls and people could listened to me well

After some couple of days, the problem returned, I repeated the above with the following result:

-Whatsapp voice messages: clear

-Calls: same, people cant listen to me, eventhough they can listen the whatsapp messages

So, I tried to cleaned them again with no result. I noticed that the little outside and inside black panels (microphones?, air conducts?) were having some ear wax, so after clean it super well I noticed a better voice sound in whatsapp messages but not in calls.


In sume: voice can be heard well in voice messages (whatsapp) but in calls you onlye hear like a hissing sound from a far away land of robots

Has someone encountered similar issue? Have you removed the little black panels that are in the top outside and in the bottom inside to have a deeper cleansing? Is that possible and recomendable?

Thanks in advance for any kind help