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Sleep Pattern Monitoring on Galaxy Watch 3

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For the first week or two after I bought it, my Galaxy Watch 3 gave me a breakdown on my overnight sleep patterns, e.g., REM sleep, Light sleep, etc.  For no obvious reason, it has stopped doing that. All I get now is the total sleep period (in hours + minutes) and a message which says "Couldn't get sleep records from your phone." I haven't changed any of the settings or the notifications. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this problem?

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I have had the same problem ever since I paired it with my Note20+


Hi... I had this problem after only three or so days of having the Watch 3.  I had a lengthy "chat" with the Samsung support team which resulted in instructions to force stop the Samsung Health phone app, clear cache and data, and then setup the phone app again(best to have your data sync'd and backed up as it then reinstates during app set up!  You also need to turn off notifications again unless you want them which I don't). The data then does sync again between the watch 3 and the phone app. Unfortunately (for me) this issue has continued to happen once a week so far, and has just happened twice in two days so its a bit tedious!

I sent in a message to the SEO team about all the issues I had and they have passed it over to teh technical team so I am considering it "under investigation" by Samsung.

Hope this helps.


Many thanks. I'll give it a try. Seems a lot of bother for something that shouldn't have stopped working.

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