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Set or adjust stride length to track treadmill runs more accurately (Watch Active2)

(Topic created on: 29-12-2020 07:03 PM)
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Dear All,


I've just changed from a Fitbit smartwatch to a Galaxy Watch Active 2 (paired with an A8). For most parts it is a relief and almost everything works sweet, but there is one noteworthy annoyance:


It seems it is not possible to set stride length in Samsung Health or anywhere else on the watch. The distances calculated for all my treadmill runs are a way off from reality (approx. -15% when recorded in MapMyRun app).


On my Fitbit there used to be an option to manually correct the stride length to address this issue (plus when runs were tracked with GPS, it was automatically adjusted), but I cannot find such an option in Samsung Health or anywhere else. Could anyone found a solution for this?


If not, i would appreciate if Samsung devs could address this, because all step-based tracking remains to be largely inaccurate like this with Samsung Watches.



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I am having the same issue.  On other tracking apps you could go in and adjust distance after. I tried in thr samsung health app but the only option is to delete the whole thing.  VERY frustrating because most of my runs are on a treadmill.