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Have recently replaced my Fitbit with a Samsung watch, using an iPhone 6. Was told this watch would work with iOS. Samsung health records very inaccurate data, steps are lower and doesn’t record floors unless walking up steep hills (doesn’t recognise my stairs in my house, at the office etc). We compared and counted steps comparing with wife’s Fitbit, the Fitbit, over 1000 steps showed 998 but the galaxy watch showed 800. On the same walk, her Fitbit showed 11 floors where my galaxy showed 5. On top of this, when I sync my watch and phone, Samsung health always says there is no wearable detected, but has recorded my sleep (although it said I had 2 hours more than I actually did!!). I am finding this watch incredibly frustrating but do love it’s functions so am desperate to get it to work, are there any suggestions, I have already reset watch to factory and re-installed galaxy wearable app on my phone, re-connected etc, many thanks 


For sync you can try restarting (not resetting) the watch and connect it with galaxy watch app. Then open the samsung health app and pull down to sync. 

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