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Gear S3 + Pixel 3 XL does not work so good for me.

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I'm connecting the watch to my Pixel and it works without problem for about 2 day, maybe even 1.
After that the connection struggles. It goes back and forth
The clock is telling me that it has been disconnected every other minute, so does the phone.
I have updated all the necessary apps for the connection and deactivated battery optimization for those apps as well.
All devices has their latest updates.

Does anyone else have this problem? In that case, how did you solve it (if you did) ?

Superuser I
Superuser I

I personally don't have issues with my phone (Galaxy S9+) with bluetooth, but I wonder if you also have bluetooth issues with different devices in combination with your phone?


The only time my watch disconnects is if I left my phone in an other room (But that is a bluetooth limitation considering bluetooth doesn't reach far). You should not have problems when the phone is on you.

I've had this issue since I switched to a non-samsung phone in the beginning of this year.
The phone works great with other bluetooth devices.

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