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Samsung Health to Strava isn't correct


Hi developers,


My galaxy watch active 2 (46) is really good.


The main issue is that when Samsung Health send my data to Strava, the global running time isn't correct anymore.

My last run of today : Samsung Health 30min40 and Strava says 25min44. Any idea why there is a difference in the time ?

For me clearly Samsung Health is right and data get wrong when going to Strava.


Thanks in advance for your support

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I have the same issue and have messaged support about it. I'll update here if I hear back but would be keen to hear if you solve this. Screenshot_20200402-185100.png





I Have the same problem for a while now.
Probably since I connected my new Samsung A51 phone with my Samsung watch Active.
Syncing from Samsung Health (SH) to Strava, the net time is approximately 0.8 of the global time, which it tracked by SH.
This is clearly a software issue where it is taking some kind of net time duration.

Looking at the figures below, you can see a 20 minute difference in the overall exercise time. This major difference is not caused by me pausing my exercise, since I only did that twice for a few seconds at traffic lights. Concequently, my pace is 1 min/km faster accoding to strava compared to SH, which is a major diffence and I get allot of comments about it from my fellow Strava users. So please solve this. 

Samsung Health DataSamsung Health DataStrava DataStrava Data


Samsung Team,

Are you working on this bug ???


I have the same issue using the strava app on the watch than using Samsung Health and get it synced to Strava.

Tomorrow, I will go running without my watch as it makes no sense anymore...





There are other threads mentioning this issue.

A work round is to go into the Strava app or their website and 'Edit' the run thats not correct.

Mark the activitiy that you have just completed to 'Race', this will correct the length of run and time.

Its not 100% accurate/true but better than originally recorded.

There must be a bug that needs to be fixed, hope this helps a little.


This workaround does work to display the correct workout data. Although it would be great if Samsung could fix this so that we don't need to change it every time.


Having a look at some other apps that sync to Strava it seems that this might be relevant:


Q: My data is different on Strava, why?


A: When uploading your activities to Strava, Strava will calculate a 'Moving Time' for your activity. Essentially this is removing data from your activity to account for pauses and very slow segments. The rule for removing time(pauses) is anything under a 30min/mile pace. So if you have sections that are slow or you are stopped Strava will cut this time out and generate the 'Moving Time'. There's currently no option to stop Strava from doing this, although if you set your activity type to 'Race' Strava will honor the activity in it's entirety.
This developer has also created a workaround:
In an attempt to overcome this and make Strava moving time match GT recorded activity time GT can remove slow segments from the track before uploading therefore forcing Strava and Watch duration/moving time to be the same. This is controlled by the GT setting GT->Settings->Strava->Duration, setting this to 'Watch' will force GT to pre-process the upload and match 'Moving Time', and setting it to 'Strava' will stop the watch pre processing and allow Strava to calculate moving time.



Hi, gm1k, thanks for this info.

Have you used Gear Tracker?


Hi, please what is or where is GT settings. I don´t find that in my mobile device or samsung galaxy watch


AGAIN ! I run with my wife at a low pace of 7min/km and when it gets synced to Strava, I am running at 4min30/km which is a complete joke.

SAMSUNG TEAM, can you urgenlty get this sorted ! It is really annoying to have the wrong pace and now my running team / coach and people organising race ignore my results to organise trainings, competition and other events.

Honestly Samsung, this is just unacceptable for an AACCTTTIIIVVVEEE watch done for sport!


This setting is in the Gear Tracker app,!Home/

We need Samsung to implement this sort of validation for Samsung Health tracked workouts.

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