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Samsung gear sport and chest strap

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Hi everyone.


As I can understand it is not possible to connect a chest strap HR monitor via bluetooth to the S3.

Does anyone know if it will be possible on the gear sport when it arrives?


Kind regards,

Brian Petersen  


Well, as far as I have read, there is no documented support for external heart rate monitors. Here comes the BUT: DCRainmaker is currently evaluating the gear sport (see And in the comments he mentioned the following:

Random tidbit within the camp of ‘Things I learned today’: The Gear Sport will actually latch onto any nearby BLE HR strap, without any user interaction or confirmation. That’ll override the optical HR sensor for that activity. This is using the default sports app.

I noticed it in analyzing the HR data from the last few days where it 100.000% matched the TICKR strap I was wearing. Good news for those that want external HR. Bad news for those of us (me) that was hoping to track optical HR. Gotta use an ANT+ only strap now


I want to give an update to this. There seems to be an app/watchface, which is capable to solve the requirements:


It would be nice if someone could testdrive the app, as I do not have a gear product so far. I have a couple of questions regarding this:

- Where does the data go? Into normal health app?

- Does this app cost money?

- Does it work flawlessly?



Hi! I've tested Sporty watchface with Geonaute BluetoothSMART HRM belt - works well.

HRM data can't be sent to Shealth app, but there's an option to sync it with Strava.

Heartrate is shown on a main screen online. Works fine for me. There's also an alarm option - watch vibrates or beeps when heart rate exceeds or falls lower user defined levels.


PS Sporty watchface price - USD 4,50


Definitely something that would be awesome to have. Any more progress on integrating a chest strap to Samsung Watches?

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