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Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch not accurately tracking calories burned


I purcahsed a Samsung Galaxy Active 2 watch a few months ago.  I used to be a FitBit user.


This watch was sold to me as a fitness tracking watch.  I track my workouts daily and calories burned are significantly lower (100-200 calories) than what they were with my FitBit.  I have also used an Apple watch so I'm aware there can be differences but the workouts are always very similar so should not be seeing this much difference.  I read an article somewhere that said Samsung don't use heart rate to calculate calories burned although the watch does track your heart rate throughout the work out but I cannot find this anywhere officially on any Samsung pages/write ups.  Could someone please advise if this is the case or if there is a possibility of something off in my settings?


If this is the case, super dissatisfied and do not believe this can be classed as an active/fitness watch as I have little idea of how many calories I am really burning throughout the day and for a $700+ watch I would have thought it would be able to accurately calculate calories burned. 😞 


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I have had this same problem, after 40 mins of high intensity jumping rope my active 2 watch says I have only burned 248 calories. My fathers fitbit says he burnt the same amount on a 20 min relaxing walk.


Surely a watch described as 'Active' in the name would have an accurate calorie counter which uses the heart rate... If this is not the case, this was a pointless purchase.


I believe the issue is that your previous calorie tracker was actually overestimating your calories burned throughout your workout. Unless your father is 500 pounds, i don't see how he burned so many calories on a 20 min walk. To put things in perspective, the average male around 5'10" and 175lbs, burns 100 calories per mile. Dont quote me on the exact numbers but I know its relatively close to those figures. 248 cal burned sounds about right for your exercise if you are in decent shape already 


Hi there I just received my active 2 watch two days ago.


When i used my fitbit versa I was doing a combat 1 hour session and I burned about 400 calories.  When I used my active 2 yest it said burned 198 calories omg i was deflated.  Do you think the active 2 is more accurate.




Mine is the total opposite. I feel like my samsung active 2 is tracking way higher calories burned. I'd love it but the more i know about calories burned, the more i feel like my data is inaccurate. For example, I go for a 10k run and the numbers usually would be around 1k calories give or take. Isn't that too high?

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I have had my Active 2 watch for about 2 months now. When I work out, no matter what the intensity, it will say that after 30 minutes I have burned 196 calories. It doesn't seem that my heart rate has any bearing on the calorie count. It doesn't matter if I'm stretching or doing hiit. It's always the same.


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I am having exactly the same problem, did you find any explanatior or solution?


Hey, no I did not and I have not had any response from Samsung either which is disappointing. I ended up selling the watch as it is definitely not a fitness watch and have gotten myself a Garmin. 


You did the right thing for selling this watch. If you watched video reviews and came often here to see how dissatisfied people are about this product. I fell for it too, I actually pre-ordered it and believed the promised updates. They could never make it better.

I wish I hadn't spent a cent for it.

@stylos I did a bit of research before hand and same thing, wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt. I unfortunately didn't find the information about the heart rate not being factored in to the calories burned until after purchase. I think it's poor form by Samsung to not list that anywhere as those after a fitness/active smart watch are usually after that feature. Disappointing because I liked the functionality of the watch overall but will not be purchasing another samsung watch. I totally understand your frustration.
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