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Samaung Gear S3 Region Issue

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Hi all. Just purchased my gear s3 from Amazon and when I go to use Samsung Pay on it it states to register to UAE. Is there anyway that I can get this changed to the UK? Can Samsung Support do this for me?

Thanks, Jason

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The unit you have must be some type of import / not intended for the Uk market as it sounds like the firmware is meant for another country. 

I was going to buy a Samsung Note FE but that had the same issue with Samsung Pay as that phone wasn’t really released for the Uk market. 

I use Android Pay now. 

Samsung won’t put a Custom Rom on it. 

You could look to sites such as SamMobile and xdadevelopers to see if any tutorials and available Custom Roms are available. Be sure to brush up on the Pro’s and Con’s of doing this and what to do if issues pop up. 


My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.

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I take no credit for this but I found a way around the region issue when my Gear S3 went in for repair in the UK and had the circiuit board replaced it no longer worked with Samsung Pay. 


It went back many times and Samsung couldn't fix it. All it was is the region code on the watch. I followed these instructions and set it to the UK code BTU and it fixed the issue straight away.

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