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Product Restrictions - International use of products?

(Topic created on: 15-09-2021 06:15 AM)
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My question actually relates to both a smartphone and the Galaxy Watch 4 so I hope I can cover both things here.

I am currently living in Malaysia with my wife, but we will be returning to the UK in July 2022. My wife's phone broke so we have replaced it with a Galaxy A52, the 4G model. I believe the phone is region locked, but all I have to do to unlock it is make a 5 minute phone call using the SIM we have here in Malaysia. If I do that, the phone will permanently be unlocked and she will be able to use it in the UK without an issue. Is that correct?

Are there any features of the phone she will not be able to use in the UK, such as the pay facility?

We are also thinking of buying the new Galaxy 4 watches, but if we buy them here, will we still be able to use them in the UK when we return, or will some features not be available?

Thanks for your help.