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Probably saved my life #GalaxyWatch5

(Topic created on: 06-11-2023 03:56 PM)
I write this with the usual note of caution that the samsung galaxy watch is not a diagnostic tool for medical purposes..
With that being said, I had been told (when I shared a hotel room with somebody) that I "gasped for air" during the night and, being a large person, I snore heavily..
In february I took the plunge and brought an S23 ultra, a tablet and a galaxy watch 4 LTE.
Watching sleep patterns was interesting but I noticed my oxygen levels were dropping below 90% every single night, which could mean 1 of 2 things ... either. 
1. The watch sensor is not accurate or 
2. I have a health problem
In short, I want to the doctor who sent me to the hospital. I had a sleep study and ive been told the watch was pretty accurate.
I've now been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I've been given a CPAP machine with a nebuliser. 
Between the doctors and the hospital appointment, I managed to 'run over' my Watch Because of a design flaw with the strap. However, I was. so impressed that it still (mostly) worked and the screen was 100% unscathed, I replaced it with a Galaxy Watch5 shamefully Samsung did not help with The cost even though The accident wouldn't have happened if the strap had not been Faulty.
Anyway, back to the story, my new watch is measuring my oxygen levels (before an after collecting my CPAP machine) And clearly showed low levels before collecting the machine and much higher (above 90%) After collecting the machine.
The measurements on the hospital equipment showed I stopped breathing as much as 74 times per hour... I am now only averaging about 5 times PH
I would say that is a win.and it probably saved or at least extended my life.
I'm nearly 60 years old, disabled, inactive and quite fat. So the last thing my Heart or blood pressure needed was less oxygen.
My only disappointment is. @Samsung accepted no responsibility for the strap because it was damaged in the accident so couldn't be tested. 🤔
Still thank you Samsung. 
I am happy to talk tv's with you 🙏
Paul pengelly

Samsung Members Star ★★

@awindup  Sorry to hear this news but glad you got the  medical attention,  the watch proved to be very beneficial (pity about the accident  but whether that is design fault is another matter).

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

100% was the strap didn't have enough length to stay "tucked in". I've bought more colours for the new watch and I have the original strap for the new watch and it is longer with more holes than the watch 4 was. The first watch fell off a few times. Although my body is larger around the middle I actually have small hands and wrists.
The first watch definitely did not have a strap "fit for purpose"
It's a shame really because after havering 1.5 tonnes of car driving over it only the rear glass and sensors were damaged... the screen didn't have a single scratch and it worked perfectly at the front. They wanted to charge more than the watch cost to replace (minus the lte) so I had to opt for the lesser model at my own cost.
But THANK YOU for your kind words