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Galaxy Watch Active screen fault

(Topic created on: 07-11-2023 12:28 PM)
So i purchased our Samsung Galaxy S20 plus and S20 Ultra in June 2020 and as part of the deal received Galaxy Active Watches.

My wife started using her watch relatively quickly however mine remained boxed for about 6 to 12 months as was already using a Fitbit for past 4 years.

When my fitbit gave up i then started using my galaxy active watch to track my actvities for me Vitality Life plan.

All has great and the watch has be great apart from having to replace the rubber straps which is no issue as purchased a variety of colours to interchange.

The watch is great, good features and perfect for my needs.

That is sadly where it has all ended as two weeks ago whilst out with my dog the screen face of the watch detached when throwing a ball and was hanging / flapping by the ribbon connection

on investigation it appears that the adhesive holding the screen face to the watch had perished and in turn the flapping of the screen has damaged the ribbon.

Whilst the watch still functions in recording activities it is permenately black as the ribbon is damaged.

Typically it is out of the 2 year warranty and so when i headed t samsung store they wanted toncharge £140 to replace the screen.

I find this disgraceful. I have watches that are 30 / 40 years old and never had a faceof the watch fall off and some of these only cost the equivalent of about £30 in todays world yet a £250/£300 watch from samsung has broken in just over 2 years of use.

My wifes watch worn daily like mine has no issues what so ever.

The watches have never been subjected to water, extreme heat or cold so I am at a loss as to why the adhesive on my watch face has failed .

i also do not understand the designnof a watch screen thatbis heldnsolely by adhesive when a critical element such as the ribbon can be so easily damaged.

I have been a longtime advocate of samsung tech and appliances. having had galaxy phone since the s3 in 2012 upto the current s20 and never had any issues.

On top of this we have household applicances from microwaves, fridge frezers washing machine tumble dryers tvs dvd bluray players soundbars lighting IT equipment ear buds bluetooth speakers you name it we swear by Samsung.

I really am not happy about my watch as it plays a very important part of my life. My son and daughter are both apple fans and have had apple watches for many years with no issues and insist i should switch.

I really dont want to do this but i am not impressed with being told i need to pay £140 to repair this watch due to poor workmanship / materials.

please advise me as to what can be done as i am really not happy about this failure.

Switch to an apple watch I had fit 2 step don't count
Thanks for advice. am seriously considering my allegiance to samsung when they cant even be bothered to listen to concerns.
Appears clearly that samsung have little regard for their customers or users as not a single reponse from them on this matter.

Disappointing to say the least