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Peeling Watch Strap

(Topic created on: 12-06-2024 11:01 AM)
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Before I go viral on the internet with an issue that is now a matter of principle I thought I would ask here first. Please can anyone tell me the complaints procedure for Samsung for a fail product?

For my 60th birthday in February 2024, my chilrden saved hard for a Samsung Galaxy watch 6 outstanding watch, and I love it. To compliment the watch they also purchased at extra cost the leather laminated silicon strap. All bought on 24th Jan and presented to me on 11th Feb 2024. Within 3 months the leather laminate started to wear off and has come away around the hole on one section of the strap. I have nee in contact the inline Samsung store and they will not replace the watch as it was out of the 3 month warentee using the purchase date and not the "given" date by 18 day. 


On May 12th my daughter who did the online deal, in her 2nd email to the store (See Below) gave me as the Authorised person to deal with this complaint and it still hasn't been resolved


May 12, 2024, 16:05 GMT+1

Hi there,
Thanks for the email.
In line with the order, please find the requested information below:
Name - Name removed GDPR Regs
Email Address - removed GDPR Regs
Contact Number - removed GDPR Regs
Postcode & Shipping Address - *****
Authorised Personnel - Craig *****
If you need any additional information, please let me know.
Thank you,

I have been a user of Samusng products for the past 14 years have bought many Samsung Products including, 18 x Samsung galaxy phones for me and two boys and wife over those years. A Samsung Smart TV and a 10 x 2T Samsung SSD hard drives for my photography business , spending £1000's in the process. 

To say I am livid with their refusal to replace a faulty product, a watch strap for goodness sake, is an understatement. I am slso being blocked by the shop who now refuse to talk to me.  
Simple Samsung please replace the faulty product.


How do I take this to a higher authority to someone in Samsung who likes to help very loyal customers and keep them happy, and still purchasing their products. Regards Craig 

A watch strap is an accessory, so has a shorter warranty. Same with any manufacturer. 3 months is pretty good for a leather strap, any I've had are done in a month. I just get a new one and get on with life.