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Pairing an external external heart rate monitor to samsung health


Has anyone tried to pair an external heart rate monitor to samsung health as a work around for poor heart rate tracking on the Galaxy Watch? I've just ordered a Tickr chest strap as its one of the listed compatible heart rate monitors on the Samsung health app. I'm hoping that when I do a boot camp style workout or a stair climb workout (the Galaxy Watch seriously fails to track both of these for me) that by pairing the Tickr with Samsung health I can track those workouts and get a heart rate graph at the end of my workout on the Samsung health app. If anyone knows if this will work could you please let me know. I'll test it out and post my findings in the next couple of days. I'm gutted that I'm having to try to use work arounds on this as the Galaxy Watch should be able to track heart rate. 


Bottom line is this, Samsung watches are ***** at this.  The watches are a small window into your phone, and that is it. If you want to monitor excercise activities (with ease), go with a watch that specializes in this...  ie. Garmin, fitbit, etc.


I wish i could return this junk, believe me.

Watch this video to use your galaxy watch with a Bluetooth HRM device
Thank you.

I'm having the same issue, and all roads end at the sporty watch face and his youtube video! Props to that guy for figuring out his own workaround and sharing with everyone!


Definitely something that woudl be awesome to have. Any updates?


I am disappointed with Samsung on this.
I love their products, literally have a house full of them but they seem unable or unwilling to invest the time in fixing this issue.
As others have mentioned the built-in sensor is ok, but not accurate enough for training.
If the "sporty Face" man can create a work around, poor that Samsung can’t............

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