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New! Gear fit 2 Pro - Floor counting issues


I live in a Uk Victorian house (high ceilings)

FLoor counting does not work out of the box

The only way i can get my new shiney Gear Fit 2 Pro to count my 12 foot staircase as a floor...

Is to climb on a chair at the top of the landing after vlimbing the 12 foot stairs

Looks ***** and is dangerous...


Please let us Configure some floor counting parameters in the gear fir 2 app so we dont have to do such silly things

all it would take is ...

1 Floor= X Meters Feet

Failing that let us edit or manualy add failed floors


This is very big issue on almost ALL gear fit 2 forums aroudn the world 


Many thanks

PS yesterdays floor coutn got stuck because i climed up at 00:00 lst night not i got 6 floors when i woke up hehe



Yeah my gear fit wouldnt turn back on after charging I tried reboot and everything. I gave it to my husband to tinker with. I gave up on it and I loved it. I now have a fitbit charge 3 and love it. @Traci wrote:

Well it's been a year and Samsung still hasn't done anything to fix the floor counting so I wouldn't hold your breath. They don't even bother replying to these posts which is super disappointing. 




I have the opposite problem.  I had foot surgery that prevents me from using stairs, and I live in a single level home.  By the time I leave home I've already done 3 floors without even touching a stair.


i, also, have the floor problem and am wondering why samsung hasn't fixed it. sorta makes me sorry that i just bought 2 samsung tvs!


Same problem here. I contacted the online chat and was told that the floor height is set at 3 meters and cannot be changed. When I said taht this does not make sense and I would like to have it logged as a product issue the chat was ended. 

It's too bad because for the most part I do like the watch but it looks like I will be returning it.


That's lame.  Shows their complete lack of willingness to make a code change in their product. 


I found out what influences the counting of the stairs, i made a video on YouTube showing i walked 15 floors and it also counted 15 floors.  I also noticed that swinging my arms could disrupt the measurement of stairs, so i keep them as still as possible to not disrupt the airflow that goes around my wrist.


Good luck with trying, if you have any questions let me know i think i can support with giving a logical reason for the problems you encounter.


It has counted flights of stairs in your video as the floor level is greater than 3.0 metres (looks like an office or flats staircase). Samsung by their own admission state that a floor level has to be greater than 3.0m for it to register. Most UK homes have a domestic floor level of 2.8m therefore it never registers a floor level change. Unless you raise your arm above your head at the top, you look ridiculous but it is the only way to get a flight of stairs recorded in ones home.


I have to agree with you on that, the floors are more than 3 meters, i think it's more 5 meters. And yes, it's an office building. At home where i live in an apartment, it also is 5 meters and it only registers 1 then. so the measurement still is a bit off, but with keeping your arm steady it can count a little bit.


 was getting frustrated that i walked 15 floors and it only registered 7. So i tried some different ways of walking to see what worked best.


I am so happy to find out that everyone is having trouble. I was beginning to think that the stairs that were being counted were the "Stairway to Heaven".  Now I know it's just a coding issue.  Come on Samsung, we spend lots of money on your products.  Give us what you advertise.


Same issues here - I work on the 18th floor of an office building and hit my floor target on the way up.  Samsung, I love that you over-corrected the problem with not counting floors - that was getting annoying.  To avoid the elevator/escalator issue, can you configure the floor counting setting to record floors only if the person is also taking steps?  And, as per another commenter, change the floor height to 2.8 meters OR allow the user to specify this setting to accommodate their living and working spaces.  What do you think?

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