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Major Problems with Return & Refund - 20+ calls, delays for months

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This is my last resort since nobody with Samsung will help me over the phone or get back to me.


My wife bought me a Galaxy Watch for Christmas and the GPS was not accurate.  I sent it in for repair but it still wasn't accurate after the repair so I shipped it back for a refund.
The watch was received by Samsung on 2/3/20 but I still don't have a refund.  Every time I call Samsung it's a 30-60 min call or longer, I get a new ticket number every time I call, and nobody can give me an update.
I've been told numerous times I would get an email about the status of my refund and I've never gotten one.  I've even had someone give me a number to call back that isn't even a real Samsung number (866-246-6453).  Every time I call it feels like the person just wants to create a new ticket and gives me no information and their goal is to just get off the phone with me.
I've had the following tickets opened for this 1 issue:
As of this moment i've been on the phone for 50 minutes again with Samsung and this is just so someone can open yet another ticket.  I can't keep doing this.
Should I have my wife just flag this credit card transaction as fraud?    
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I was just told that a new ticket was being opened and now I may have to wait another 23 business days.


This is insane.




This morning I received an email asking if the reply in this thread solved my issue.   The reply that I wrote, adding more information.  This email of course had no contact information for Samsung.

Where is the Samsung support?


Hey any updates on this. 


I have the same issue but with a £1200 phone and I returned it on the 1st of April due to it being faulty and just yesterday after opening 5/6 tickets like you did I get an email saying that a return is being initiated and that I should return the phone now. Called again twice since but the customer service are too thick and are struggling to understand that they've already had the phone for 2 weeks


The last 4 times I called I specifically asked for the case management dept.  I was told someone would call me this Wednesday but no one did.  I finally got a hold of someone helpful yesterday who sent me an email about my refund that I never received and I signed up and entered bank info to finally get a refund that should hit my checking account in 7 days or so.


I don't know why the first 20+ calls couldn't have gone this way.  It's like they were all just trying to transfer me or get me off the phone.   I'm not anti Samsung either, my wife and I both have s10 phones and like them.  It's just a nightmare to go through this refund process.


They've had my galaxy watch since 2/3 now.


So I would recommend entering whatever numbers you need to enter to get a human on phone, then immediately ask for case mgmt dept, then ask them to send you the email about your refund and stay on the phone.  Tell them you do not want another ticket opened.  I think every time a ticket is opened it delays it more and more.


good luck



I have a similar issue.

I returned for refund three products, a galaxy watch 2, a wireless charger duo and a galaxy book flex. This was beginning of last week. I had an email friday confirming the refund for the watch and the duo charger, but nothing about the laptop. I raised it with them, by replying to the open ticket. They advised the will chase up with logistics. A couple of hours later a got an email and a text message to notify me of a dpd collection tomorrow which was arranged by samsung. i already sent them all the products, icluding the laptop, but this seems to be somewhere, we don't know where yet.


Have you managed to sort your issue?

Best wishes,


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