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Language change setting for Galaxy Watch Active

(Topic created on: 08-09-2021 09:50 PM)

Good day.

Before my "suggestion/disappointment" I'd like to add some context.

My native language is Spanish. I love languages and I've been studying French for a few months now. My phone is in French so that I can practice it every day. 

Now, I recently bought a Galaxy Watch Active and it did set up in French automatically... Totally understandable.

However, I'd like to set my watch in Spanish (as well as "Samsung Wearables" Android App, if needed), because I'd like to use it in that language, but without the necessity of setting my whole phone language in Spanish.


1) Because I'd like to have Default Quick Replies in Spanish so that I can actually use them with my contacts.

2) Because I'd like to use Bixby in that language. Whether for giving instructions, or for using voice to text recognition, etc. 

My watch has some language settings, but aplying only for the keyboard entries. So for voice entries it only lets me select between French male or female, no more. 

I've had other smartwatches and they had no problem with this setting. I could select the language without more complications. That's why I'm so disappointed that a big enterprise like Samsung doesn't have this option.

I would have no problem with changing also the Samsung Wearables app into Spanish, in order to synchronize with the watch. The thing is that it doesn't have that option either. 

Hope that you read my post.


#galaxy watch active