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Gear IconX disconnect on calls


Hi All,

I got IconX wireless headphones as a Xmas present and although they are beautiful when they work, they rarely work as they should. I would never adive someone to spend 200 euros on this device.

I already got a replacement but it did not help, after sometimes problems come back again.

Last one, which is really annoying, is that when I use them with a phone call they continuosly connect and disconnect, so it is impossible to use them or even the phone, until I turn off the bluetooth on the phone.

Yesterday I was listening to audio book with no problem, pairing was fine, I get a phone call, I hear the ring in the headphones and the connect/disconnect begins. I happens also if I connect before calling, or during a call and no multimedia is running. Tried everything, reset, switch off, I have a Samsung S9+ but it was happening also with a S7edge.

All the other bluetooh devices (including other less expensive headphones) pair perfectly with the phone.

Can Samsung help me?

thanks Marina


Same here. I only use one of them cause the left died and the (solution)  found for the one was to attach to the sensor a small piece of fabric without covering the charging spots only the sensor and with that trick it stay connected without issues...but i am about to purchase other brand don't dare to try the new galaxy buds and have the same problems...

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Have same problem  whatbcan we do ? 


A new iconx would be great. Since I got these they have never stayed connected during a call conversation.  They connect and disconnect while I am playing music. 


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