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Gear Fit App feature request for swimmers?

(Topic created on: 21-08-2020 11:09 AM)
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How and where do I make a feature request for the Gear Fit app?


As a swimmer I bought the Gear Fit2 Pro a couple of years back as the seemingly best wearable for swim tracking and heart rate.

Shortly after I bought the S8 phone in preference over Apple as I thought it would make the swim monitoring more seamless.

Since purchase I have had to send the Gear Fit2 Pro back for recalibration and have until recently needed to constantly jump between the Gear Fit app/samsung Health and the the Speedo On app.


Now with Speedo On shutting down the srvice I am back with the Gear Fit app and I have to say that following the last few updates, it works a lot better now.


However there is one glaring ommission as a swim tracker,  still:


The guide interval vibration setting may work for running or cycling (neither of which interest me) but for swimming it is pretty useless.

The options are only for lengths and time increments from 5 minutes and up.


I remember when I first bought it the app only had length options for american standard pools - here in the uk with a lot of older pools of differing pool length sizes it was useless.

Obviously a lot of people complained about this and a software update finally allowed us to specify custom pull sixes which works well.


My suggestion re the interval tracker would be to add a sinilar custom setting.

Swimmers mainly need to get pace timing in regards to training for say 100 metres or a single length - as most non professional swimmers average around 2 minutes for a 100m and pool sizes range from 10metres to 50metres then a

second incremental custom option ranging from 10 seconds to 3minutes would cover this perfectly.


In addition stroke pacing is also important, so another custom timer ranging from  0.5 seconds to 3 seconds in tenth of a second increments would be perfect.


Given the lengths custom option seemed so easy to implememt I'm sure some of the same code could be used here?

Whether or not you decide to implement this for the app will have a bearing on whether I decide to upgrade to the Gear Fit Active 3 when it comes out or whether I turn to the dark side (Apple) and look at other options (including phones).


I f this added I will gladly stay with Samsung and hand on my Gear Fit2 Pro to my girlfriend - also a very keen swimmer.


Any thoughts, Ssamsung?