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Galaxy watch syncing issues


Has anyone had any issues with the galaxy watch not receiving info from s health? For example I have my steps count set for watch and phone on the app but my watch only shows watch steps and not phone steps yet the phone shows both combined. 

My friends list on the app is also shown as zero on the watch info as well. 

I've noticed that my step count  has drastically dropped since changing from fitbit to the galaxy watch but think this is a known issue as well.


Phone is galaxy s9 plus

Galaxy watch is 46mm version

Model no SM-R800

Serial no R5AK807RXRX

Software version R800XXU1ARH1



I am having the same issue with the amount of calories burned listed on the watch and the phone. They are drastically different


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I don't know if it is the same of you but I thought It wasn't working because the behavior is not at all the same as for my old Gear S2.   The Samsung Galaxy watch register its steps in Samsung Health but not as any specific device.  Which is odd if you ask me.   With my old Samsung gear S2 step were displayed in Health as a separate device.  Same for my phone.  Both can be individually selected.   For the Galaxy Watch, it seems to be different, it doesn't show as any selectable device in the step widget (is it a bug or wanted, I'm not sure).   However if I set Health to show all the steps,  it is definitively showing the steps from my new Galaxy Watch.    As an experiment I took a walk without my cell.  When I came back Samsung Health on my phone, was showing the exact same number of steps as my watch.  To see the steps from the watch you have to select the option to show all step in samsung health.  This is not intuitive when you are uses to the previous device.

It may seem as a stupid question but did you forced a sync. Health sync periodically but not constantly. Every now and then you may look at the result on both device and they can differ a lot. In my case when this happens I force a sync (by sliding down the main screen of Samsung Health) and everything get in sync in less than a minute.

Thanks for sharing this, I believe I tried this and it didn't work, though there may have been software changes since then. I just returned my Galaxy Watch and have been using at Ticwatch Pro since then. Good luck, and wish I could have found a way to keep my Galaxy Watch, but the company didn't seem to be responding to all of the concerned raised by consumers. Glad yours is working for you!


Samsung thought it was my watch, so I sent it back in, but I'm still having the same issue. S health doesn't show my watch as separate device and all of the steps from my phone have been transfer to my watch... which isn't right either. I have deleted all of my S health dat . Factory reset my phone and still nothing works. Samsung fix your damm app otherwise there is no point of me keeping this watch.

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