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Galaxy watch syncing issues


Has anyone had any issues with the galaxy watch not receiving info from s health? For example I have my steps count set for watch and phone on the app but my watch only shows watch steps and not phone steps yet the phone shows both combined. 

My friends list on the app is also shown as zero on the watch info as well. 

I've noticed that my step count  has drastically dropped since changing from fitbit to the galaxy watch but think this is a known issue as well.


Phone is galaxy s9 plus

Galaxy watch is 46mm version

Model no SM-R800

Serial no R5AK807RXRX

Software version R800XXU1ARH1



Yes, I have had a terrible problem with the counting of steps since getting my Samsung Galaxy Watch. In fact, I chose to return it, and no one had a solution that worked (rebooting it every day is not acceptable) and Samsung had no other options to offer. I don't know if this is a problem that can be fixed by a software update, but it's really too bad, because this watch had everything I wanted. Now I have to find another product! 


Hi there, regarding the sync with Samsung Health it's only 1 way, steps will go from Watch to phone but not from phone to Watch. All you will see on the watch is steps taken whilst wearing it, on phone you can choose all steps, phone steps or watch steps only.


Regarding the step count issue, seems it's widespread as you say. On my Watch it misses the first 15/20 Steps if starting from sitting/stationary then catches up.


On walks though it's pretty much in line with Fitbit which is ok for workout tracking. Over 24 hours though it's well done, between 3000 - 4000 steps which really isn't useful.


Hopefully that's a software issue and could be fixed....if they wanted too which is whole other question :face-with-rolling-eyes:


Hi, I agree. I hope that the step count can be corrected via an update. The calory burned information for a tracked exercise seems way off too. It is much lower than my previous fitbit and also my chest strap which works with my gym equipment says for example I burned 500 calories and the galaxy watch (although the heart rate tracking is almost identical) shows a calory burn of half of the chest strap! I hope that this can also be addressed with an update. Here's hoping.

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Im having awful problems since yesterday with synching my watch to my S9+ the alarm has also stopped working as well as it not being so touch sensitive on the screen anymore - I have rebooted both phone and watch, have disconnected and reconnected and it is still not working, It is frustrating as I stopped using my fitbit ionic when I bought this - does anyone have any other solutions?


You will solve sync problem if you take off samsung health app from list - close apps when screen lock on your phone.


I am having the same issue. Model number SM R800 and software up to now date. Phone is Galaxy S9+ model SM G965U with latest update installed. I didn't have this issue with Gear S3. Thinking about returning it no fix is available. 


@Rukfas wrote:

You will solve sync problem if you take off samsung health app from list - close apps when screen lock on your phone.

Sorry, don't understand - can you please add more detail?


i've had my watch a week  to replace a Fitbit Charge 2.

As a watch, it's nicely designed. I like some of the watch and phone interface functions.

As a fitness tracker, it's dismal and far inferior to the Fitbit I wanted to replace it with. I'm going to give it another few days but will probably have to send it back given the bad experience. For the money, it's poor value unfortunately and is far inferior to my fitbit which is about a quarter of the price.


- Steps on watch don't track about 20% of all steps. Phone always reads higher (even though I don't carry it around all the time), fitbit about 20% higher and reasonably accurate (yes, i've counted);

- Staircases are a joke

- Why shouldn't it sync between the watch and the phone? Everybody else's watches do?

- sleep tracking is also dismal. Can't tell when you're lying in bed reading/on the tablet, despite constant movements. You physically have to get up for it to realise you're not still alseep. So fat chance of it being accurate measuring sleep patterns.

- Interface to apps such as myfitnesspal also don't work, so you end up adding everything manually. It's a real faff. Works fine with the fitbit.

- Wifi also rarely works on the watch.

- 7 days battery for the 46mm watch, my a**e. 4 days max with minimal use. and that's with all BT/NFC/GPS etc. switched off.

- Oh, and the iphone S-Health app is much more flexible and user-friendly than on the Samsung phone. Seriously?


So if anyone can help in the next 4-5 days, I'm all ears. Otherwise I'm going to have to return it.

That is what I had to do, unfortunately none of the 'fixes' others listed ever worked for me. Too bad, promised to be a great watch.

The first two weeks I had my Galaxy Watch (the 42 mm version) it was terrible. This was back in September, and I was on the verge of putting it up on Kijiji and going back to my TomTom watch (of about half the cost). Issues I had were the calories burned on running and swimming activities were about triple what they should be. A 10K run, which has always been in the neighbourhood of 800-900 calories, was showing up as over 2000!! Step counter was significantly lower than I know I was taking each day (on that same 10K run I would typically put on about 8000 steps, but the Galaxy Watch would have me closer to 7000). I am not even going to start with how inaccurate the GPS was tracking my runs! The lap counter whilst swimming was a nightmare, switching between adding random lengths for no reason, to not counting any lengths at all.


Before giving up completely I did a restore to factory, and started from scratch... and this actually worked! I would say since October my step counter is within a few hundred of what I typically saw with my previous watches. Swimming has been great. The GPS has been much more accurate as well. The only thing the factory reset did not fix was the calorie tracker for running or swimming events. It has skewed my RunKeeper data, as each run I am now supposedly burning triple the calories as I used to, but I have learned to live with that issue, now that the rest of the watch is working better.


So, I would try blowing your watch back to factory and seeing if it behaves better once it gets a second chance. Hopefully some of your issues will be resolved.

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