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Galaxy Watch not measuring Heart rate


I have the new Galaxy watch, received on 7th September and after 1 recorded exercise the heart rate monitor is flatlining after 10 minutes. 


First walk

Screenshot_20180913-113612_Samsung Health.jpg



First run below


Screenshot_20180913-113603_Samsung Health.jpg

 Second recorded walk

Screenshot_20180913-113553_Samsung Health.jpg



I am annoyed as I want to keep track of my heart rate during exercise. I also wonder if this effects the calories burned if it cannot record the heart rate correctly. 


This appears to be a common theme for Samsung watches as my husbands S3 did the same, purchased Sept 2017, at the beginning of the year. 

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Mmm, I'll try that tomorrow and see if the main watch face HR is reading. That could rule out the 'sweat' theory, which is no bad thing! Hope you're right, as I only just got this and that wad the second outing. Once cycling - no issue, hiking - flat lined (the watch!).

 - Just to add also, there are several users on here and FB groups that have had replacement watches that have the same issues as the first. That said they could have been unlucky and had 2 watches from a faulty batch?


I am having the exact same problem.  My new Samsung Watch seems to accurately record my heart rate EXCEPT when I am exercising, at which point the monitor either does not work, or it records a rate at least 30 beats per minute higher than I know to be correct.  Very frustrating!

So true.

I've had a terrible day with heart rate tracking. Just constantly losing connection and saying measuring. No issue with tightness and positioning either. Graph has tons of gaps and spikes. So frustrating. I even phoned Samsung support today and spoke to someone in the UK but he had nothing further to offer. 28 days expires on Friday and as I have a flawless S3 Classic as well Just don't know what to do. Just wish they would say software or hardware. 

So I was out again today getting some fresh air, but this time decided to tighten the watch band a little more (I mean almost uncomfortable tight). No issues at all for most of the outing. On the way back I decided to loosen off (still squeezing the wrist) and almost immediately I had HR issues. Tightened again and it went away. Repeated this agian and got the same results.

I looked at my Garmin Vivoactive3 and it has 3 LEDs whereas Samsung Watch only has one, so better signal generation. As the Samsiung  is a heavy watch with only one LED I think it suffers a lot more from light bleed (it droops down if not really tight), whereas Garmin never had any issues. It's most likely that some software has the ability to read this anyway and will read HR as best it can, but it seems Samsung sw cannot. This is a design issue if true, or maybe a design copyright issue. 


I have the same problem with my galaxy watch. Just making an effort to post.

As soon as I start working out at the gym, I get a flat line.  If I want to get a heart rate I have to take it off, clean the sensor, hold still for 30+ sec, and then I get it. Completely useless for exercising. I had s2 and gear fit 2 pro, they were not precise but at least they worked.....

Went for a run yesterday. It measures my heart rate for about 5 minutes then stopped. I tightened the strap and then it worked again!

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