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Galaxy Watch calling with dual SIM phone

(Topic created on: 12-07-2022 10:59 AM)

I normally use my S21U with two SIMs and use the different SIMs for different types of calls, I select which SIM I want to use for each call and to do this on my phone I set the phone to "always ask" which SIM I want to use for calling.

This is fine on the phone but when I want to call from the watch it says "see phone" and I have to select which SIM to use using the phones screen, I can't choose the SIM to use from the watch.

If I set the phone to use a particular SIM for calling, the phone app does not allow me to choose a SIM to use when calling.

If I use the Google Phone app rather than the Samsung Phone I can change SIM once I have started the call and before it is answered but that is not really a useable option.

Is there a workaround where I can use dual SIM calling on the phone and make a call from the watch without having to touch the phone?