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Galaxy watch active

I have just read a post that the galaxy watch active 2 is getting tizen 5.5 and one ui 2.0 watch based software update from the galaxy watch 3 but samsung hasn't mentioned anything about the galaxy watch active 1 I dont understand that a watch that still costs £200 and is only 1 year old that it won't be offered this update does anyone have any information if the galaxy watch active 1 will receive this update ?
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I'm curious about this too Rob.  I haven't had anything but app updates since January. I am starting to get the feeling the Galaxy Watch Active we have is being passed by now.

I'm the same last update was January I dont understand how they can still charge £199 for a smartwatch and only support it for a year.
I've read that even 3 year old samsung smart watches got the one ui 1.5 watch update so hopefully there working on the update for the galaxy active and we hear about it soon if I hear anything I will report back to this post.
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